Cheese + Honey

Plus, six other inspired cheese-and-sweet pairings

Want to elevate that cheese plate for your next party? Serve it up sweet-and-salty style. A drizzle of sweet honey, for example, is an ideal contrast to the saltiness of cheese. Honey pairs well with almost any type of cheese, such as a mild and creamy cheese, a tangy goat cheese, a pungent blue, or an aged cheese like Parmigiano-Reggiano, so don't let fear keep you from trying out new combinations. The easiest way to serve honey is to drizzle it over the cheese minutes before your guests arrive. Or offer the honey in a little dish with a small spoon so guests can drizzle it themselves.`

Other pairs you’ll enjoy

1. Manchego + Dates. The sweetness of the date mixes perfectly with the sharp, peppery taste of the Manchego.

2. Stilton + Port. This nutty, firm blue cheese and this sweet dessert wine are made for each other.

3. Cheddar + Chutney. A fruit-based chutney (such as mango) is delicious on a bite of aged tart cheddar.

4. Gorgonzola + Nut Brittle. This bold and flavorful classic cheese (or any blue veined cheese) gets a new twist with the sweetness of a brittle.

5. Goat Cheese + Birch Syrup. Transform a simple log of goat cheese into an impressive party appetizer by rolling it in sunflower seeds or chopped pecans and drizzling with birch syrup.

6. Brie + Dark Chocolate. Yes, really. Brie’s smooth, buttery flavor is a perfect palette companion for a rich and creamy dark chocolate sauce.