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Decor for the seasons

Q: I like the idea of changing my home décor each season so it doesn’t stay one way all year long, but I don’t have a huge home remodeling budget. What are some simple, affordable things that I can do around the house to change up the décor with the seasons. Any tips?

Redecorating your home on a small budget does not have to be a daunting task. With a little imagination and a bit of effort, you can inexpensively transform the look and feel of your living room.

An easy way to seasonally refresh the look and feel of your living room is to replace your seating area accent pillows or swap the pillow covers for new ones. If your budget prevents you from swapping your window treatments, you don’t have to; simply make sure that your new accent pillows contain at least one color that coordinates with your blinds or shades. When selecting your seasonal pillows and pillow covers, choose plush and cozier pillow textures for winter months, such as faux furs and velvets, and slicker textures with vibrant colors for summer months.

Additionally, select two or three accent items that will cohesively tie your accent pillows to other elements in your room, such as a centerpiece for your coffee table, a vase, a picture frame, a throw blanket, etc. If you are on a super tight budget, select the look that you want in fabrics from a local craft store, and make your own pillow covers for each season.

Refresh your dining table by using a runner as a tool to visually anchor your table. Place the table runner across the table, connecting each guest sitting across from each other. Have a different set of chargers, napkin rings, etc., for summer and winter. For a refined touch, introduce candlesticks or candelabras, and change the color of the candle tapers as often as you like. Further bring the season’s colors to your table with a clear glass centerpiece full of fresh flowers.

When exchanging accessories in your home, don't forget about using your vertical space as well. Easily transform a wall in your home with decorative removable wall decals and quotes – they come in a variety of styles colors and sizes. Create an accent wall behind your seating area, TV area, fireplace wall or bed/headboard area in your bedroom. Use the highest quality paint and painter's tape to achieve the best results. You can also use inexpensive Dioder decorative lighting strips to create a modern atmosphere and personality in your home. Strategically place the lighting to define and accent the back frame of your TV, artwork, mirrors, bookshelves and other features on your walls.

Isabel Jacques is a Certified Interior Designer and owner of belle DECOR furniture store in Anchorage. For information, visit